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Pan’s Boathouse Residence | Inspired by the stylistic wonders of the film, Pan

Pan movie posters via official website

Released in September 2015, Pan aspired to tell an origin story of J.M. Barrie’s beloved children’s tale, Peter Pan. Despite its less than stellar showing at the box office and negative reviews, the production managed to snag award nominations for its stunning visuals.

As the film transits from the austere orphanage set in World War II London to the fantasy night sky of the flying pirate ship; to the steampunk gunmetal gloom of the mines; to the lush greens of the forest; to the vivid rainbow colours of the tribe; and to the cool mysterious Amethyst crystal caves, each scene is distinct in its highly stylistic attributes.

It is derived from this inspiration that we have transformed a 3-bedroom unit in the recently released condominium by Far East Organisation in Upper Serangoon View, Boathouse Residences.

Artist’s Impression of Boathouse Residences by Far East Organisation

Original Layout

Designed Layout

Like the Darlings, the couple in this home has three children – two boys and one new born little girl. The boys share a bunk bed in a room and the nursery is located beside the master bedroom for convenience.

The living and dining is a generous area with plenty of seating provision, where the couple will be able to entertain family and friends and where the little family can enjoy time together.

The adjoining long balcony houses a large array of beautiful, lush plants, a suspended outdoor chair for enjoying a book or to soak in the sun, and an outdoor bar counter for alfresco breakfasts or to wind down with a cool beer under the night sky after a long day at work.

Vivid colours are borrowed from the film in the furnishings of the living and dining space. Walls painted in a dark peacock green, together with the natural lush greens of the plants in the balcony set the backdrop. The layering of the different shades of green in the sofa against this setting create visual depth.

The neutral colours of the TV feature wall and carpet allow the furniture to stand out. The gold details in the glass and steel coffee table and dining table, and the rich purple of the armchairs and bar stools on the balcony create accents that further enrich the space.

The tree stump side table with glass between the armchairs is a whimsical nod to J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, alluding to the tree trunk used by Wendy and the boys as a dining table that the Lost Boys had to saw every day to maintain its height.

The niche in the dining area is entirely decked in a beautiful dark veneer and furnished with a long settee that allows six or more to dine together. Flanked by wall lights reminiscent of Peter’s pipes, the artwork brings the dining area to life with its dramatic colours.

Rich in pirate theme, the boys share a bunk bed and a long study desk in their bedroom. The bunk bed is modelled after a pirate ship, complete with a mast and pirate sail. Rope ladders lead to the upper deck and a ship’s wheel is repurposed as the ceiling light.

Tiny star-shaped holes punched in the blinds mimic stars when the sun shines through and the boys can play make-believe, sailing on their pirate ship amongst the stars like in the film.

A partial departure from the usual pastel colours for the nursery, one wall is finished in black with an image of the moon imprinted and LED lights mimicking stars. An armchair and a floor lamp sit in a corner for night feedings and comforting.

The furniture can easily be replaced with a toddler bed and later a proper bed and study desk as the baby grows up.

The original wardrobe by the developer is removed and in its place is a set of drawers at a comfortable height for changing the baby’s diapers and placing essentials like powder and wipes, and top cabinets for storage. A suspended rod allows hanging of the baby’s clothes, which are usually too adorable to be kept away.

Special effects created by paint deck the walls of the master bedroom in two shades of opulent purple. The bamboo-esque headboard in antique gold finish and luxurious velvety texture of the thick curtains add to the allure of the room. The play of shadows and light by the two cascading crystal lights dance like the waters of the mermaid lagoon, giving it a touch of mystery and delight.

The original wardrobe is again removed for better spatial design. The wardrobe and adjoining table and top cabinets for extra storage are finished in deep grey to keep focus on the gorgeous violet and sapphire. An exquisite detailed round mirror hangs on the wall, demarcating a dressing area for the lady of the house.

“It is not in doing what you like, but in liking what you do that is the secret of happiness.” ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

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