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Pan’s Boathouse Residence | Inspired by the stylistic wonders of the film, Pan

Pan movie posters via official website

Released in September 2015, Pan aspired to tell an origin story of J.M. Barrie’s beloved children’s tale, Peter Pan. Despite its less than stellar showing at the box office and negative reviews, the production managed to snag award nominations for its stunning visuals.

As the film transits from the austere orphanage set in World War II London to the fantasy night sky of the flying pirate ship; to the steampunk gunmetal gloom of the mines; to the lush greens of the forest; to the vivid rainbow colours of the tribe; and to the cool mysterious Amethyst crystal caves, each scene is distinct in its highly stylistic attributes.

It is derived from this inspiration that we have transformed a 3-bedroom unit in the recently released condominium by Far East Organisation in Upper Serangoon View, Boathouse Residences.

Artist’s Impression of Boathouse Residences by Far East Organisation

Original Layout