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Kitchen Countertops Part IV – Concrete & Stainless Steel | Finale in a series of introductions t

In the concluding chapter of our series, we will look at two underrated countertops that ought to be more popular than they currently are in Singaporean homes – Concrete and Stainless Steel.


Concrete as a design element for home décor (think candle holders and planters) has been trending for several years. The material itself of course has a much longer history of being used in the construction of buildings and large structures. Used extensively by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, famous for his emphasis on the beauty of simplicity and physical experience, concrete’s raw quality exemplifies a sense of tranquillity and character that is in line with his intent for people to easily experience the spirit and beauty of nature through architecture.

When Lamitak launched its concrete inspired laminates five years ago, they named the two variations Tadao and Ando.

Concrete “Tea & Coffee” Cup Planter via Mothology

Cement Architectural Plant Cube Planter Via Mothology