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Project Spotlight: 665A Punggol Drive | Waterway Woodcress @ Punggol

Through thoughtful space planning and mindful use of materials, a 5-room HDB flat at Waterway Woodcress is transformed into a spacious and welcoming home for a young couple.

Stepping into this home, guests and occupants are greeted by a dry kitchen that is created by hacking part of the kitchen walls. Glass partitions and sliding doors segregate wet and dry kitchen while allowing light through and visually makes the space look even bigger.

The wet kitchen is the main cooking and cleaning area while the dry kitchen houses a wall of cabinets and ovens where the aroma of homemade baked goodies can fill the home. The cabinets are kept in basic crisp white laminate to disappear into the neighbouring white walls and also provide a clean backdrop to the bar counter.

Although there are beams that cannot be hacked, they help demarcate the space and create a cosy ambience with the trio of mirror finish rose gold pendant lamps at the bar counter. Craft stone on the wall to the right of the bar counter further enhances the cosy spirit of the space.

Behind the main door, there is another wall of cabinets to provide additional storage space and a settee to provide seating while wearing or removing shoes. A tinted mirror sits above the settee to allow the couple to check their outfit before heading out the door. The tinted mirror will continue to be a recurring design element that ties the whole interior together and create visual depth.