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Kitchen Countertops Part I – Solid Surface | The first in a series of introductions to a variety of

Kitchen is one of the most important component in a renovation project. You can easily purchase a sofa and a TV console for the living room and beds and wardrobes for the bedrooms but for the kitchen, you need to put in more thought about the flow of the workspace and whether you have sufficient storage for your pots and pans and other kitchen equipment.

The kitchen countertop is an essential component of the kitchen as it not only has to compliment the overall aesthetics, it also needs to serve its function based on the usage of the household. Depending on how often you cook and what type of cuisine – instant noodles or gourmet meals – you will have different requirements for the countertop.

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing different countertops for your reference. We shall start off this week with solid surface.

Solid Surface

A relatively common and economical choice for kitchen countertop, solid surface comes in generally two different grades. The lower cost one is made of polyester resin and the more costly one is made of acrylic, which is harder than polyester and thus has a higher resistance to chipping and cracking.

Solid surface’s strength is its malleability. That means that you can avoid joint lines that are unavoidable when using most other materials for countertops, like granite and quartz which come in a maximum length of 8 feet. This seamless moulding allows for a wide choice of profiles that help to avoid trapping of liquids at joints and flowing of liquids down the cabinets. It also allows for greater flexibility in terms of design.

Image via Bellus

Solid surface also comes in a wide range of colours and patterns so you will easily be able to select one that can go with your desired style.

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