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Project Spotlight: Hairhaus

A hair salon proprietor and an avid collector of all things vintage, Mr. Gin Lee combined both his loves in this modern vintage salon with the help of Urban Habitat designers Suki and Vanessa.

With a spacious floor area of approx. 128sqm to play with, the designers were able to create exclusive sectors each with its own distinct character and little surprises dotting the whole salon.

Guests are greeted with an antique table adorned with an array of Mr. Lee’s personal collection and a quaint showcase of the products that the salon carries.

The main business area has multiple individual hairdressing stations that have unique framed mirrors and vintage sewing machines that were repurposed with additions of marble table tops.

Cement screed flooring is used in the salon, with hexagonal tiles injected in partial areas to break monotony. The walls are also finished in deliberate raw strokes in cement to further enhance the free, creative vibe in the salon.

Predominantly grey in colour palette, punches of rich violet and pinks inject a strong sense of vitality that is in line with the spirit of the business.

A comfy lounge area anchored by a distinctive vintage armchair provides a space for guests to chill and enjoy a cup of tea while waiting.

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