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Kitchen Countertops Part III – Wood | Third in a series of introductions to a variety of kitchen cou

Considering the wide range of wood grain selection in all tones and textures available in laminates, the popularity of wood grains is indisputable. It is also a key component in Scandinavian and Industrial designs that is widely interpreted in many design firms’ portfolios of late.

Part 3 of the kitchen countertops series will explore bringing this wood element onto our kitchen tops.

Hardwood / Solid Wood

Although not as commonly used in Singapore, few other materials can compete with the allure of natural wood. It ages beautifully and brings a warm natural feel to the kitchen. Different woods also have different looks and characters.

As a countertop, it is hard and durable, as long as you make the effort to take care of it, keeping it dry especially around the sink area. It would be advisable to use mats and oil it regularly to keep the natural wood looking pretty. Scratches and stains are fairly simple to repair. Simply re-sand, re-oil and it would be restored as good as new. When properly sealed, hardwood countertops also offer natural, anti-bacterial benefits.

For households that love to cook and do not want to worry too much about spills, this countertop might not be the most ideal.

Via Agent Bauer