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Singapore’s experts in landed property interior design

Your interior is that finishing touch to the perfect space. From offices to condos, there’s nothing worse than stepping into a poorly designed space, cluttered with clashing colours and oozing with busy, negative vibes.

With a clever eye and an artistic mind, this dull, uninspired place can easily be converted into a stylish, sleek and sophisticated property. Whether a commercial office space or a residential home, Urban Habitat interior designers are able to create a modern, sophisticated space from scratch. 

Stunning designs for your HDB or Condo interior

We provide interior design services for residential properties including HDBs and condominiums, as well as amazing designs for your commercial space. For commercial clients, we provide you with the expert eye to equip you with a design that elevates your space, takes full advantage of each corner and crevice and ensures your company look is fine-tuned. We assure a space that will reel in customers, whether it be a retail store, a café or even your office space. Let us deal with the interiors, and you can back to perfecting the product.

For residential clients, we’ll keep your aesthetics in mind and consider all available options in your condo or home. We’ll discuss with you what exactly you’re looking for in a home, whether it be practicality, spaciousness or versatility.  After weighing up all the problems and solutions, we’ll provide you with a stylish, modern place perfect for events or just somewhere that you can truly call home. Ensure your space is designed with an expert eye, talk to Urban Habitat’s team of creatives today.

Create a space you’re proud of

Our service is completely personalised and catered to you. We don’t just draw up a design and get on with the job. At Urban Habitat, we calibrate with all our clients, ensuring we are all satisfied with our unique creation.

If you’ve got an old home that needs redesigned, or new property that’s looking for a unique framework, our innovative team should be your first choice. If you love modern elegance, superb creativity and have a love for all things aesthetics, get your interior designed by the experts, talk to Urban Habitat!

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